Report Coral Bleaching

- Some corals look pale but are not bleach-white.
- Small portions of corals are bleach-white.
- Large areas of coral are bleach-white.

How to report coral bleaching


step 1.

Select “Report Bleaching” on the map above.


step 3.

Select the bleaching level

step 2.

Drag the pointer () to the map location where you observed coral bleaching

step 4

Select “Submit Report”

Why Report Coral Bleaching?

When you report coral bleaching in your area, you’re helping environmental organizations, research scientists, policymakers in Hawaiʻi, and engaged community members like yourself. 

Last year, reports from community members in Hawaiʻi just like you enabled us to put together a large-scale effort to respond to coral bleaching in real-time and limited damage to our reefs. This year, your efforts are just as important.

Coral Bleaching Levels

Coral bleaching is an extremely complex process, so to make reporting more straightforward we simplified it down to three categories: 

Light Bleaching

Light bleaching represents areas where some corals look pale but are not bleach-white.

Medium bleaching

Medium bleaching categorizes areas where small portions of corals are bleach-white.

Severe Bleaching

Severe bleaching is used to describe large areas with bleach-white corals.

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