Hawaiʻi Coral Bleaching Tracker

How to report a new bleaching event

We are no longer accepting bleaching reports for the 2019 marine heatwave in the Hawaiian Islands. You can see previously identified points by selecting the Bleaching Observations tab on the map above.

Why report coral bleaching?

When you report coral bleaching in your area, you're helping environmental organizations, research scientists, policymakers in Hawaiʻi, and engaged community members like yourself. For the first time ever, community members in Hawaiʻi are putting together large-scale efforts to respond to coral bleaching in real-time and to limit damage to our reefs.

Coral bleaching levels

Coral bleaching is an extremely complex process, and to make reporting more straightforward we simplified it down to three categories. Light bleaching represents areas where some corals look pale but are not bleach-white, medium bleaching categorizes areas where small portions of corals are bleach-white, and severe bleaching is used to describe large areas with bleach-white corals.

Keep an eye out for updates

This website will expand over the next weeks as the bleaching event progresses. Check back in to stay informed and connected, and follow us for frequent updates.